About Pepco

Pepco is a Tissue Paper Converting Firm established in the year 2012. Since the beginning of our company, we have made an impact in the market due to quality of our products and services. We provide more than 12 different types of tissue paper products which are necessary for any occasion or situation. Our products come with a promise of utmost quality; the products we offer are of 2 grades, Tissue Paper made from Recycled Pulp and Tissue Paper made from Pure Virgin Pulp. One of our most demanded product is the Branded Tissue Paper Box ; where the Facial Tissue Box is customized and designed according to the client's needs and demands. Our Branded Tissue Paper Box has gained a great demand in the market and we have been providing many top firms and co-operates across the country. Our products have gained a good position in the open market due to the customer satisfaction and ability to provide top quality Tissue Paper Products

Our Vision

We believe our customers are the backbone of the business and the growth and prosperity of the business can only be achieved through the increased customer satisfaction. This is our vision as the customer must be satisfied and content with the services provided and build a trust on our products and brand, so for achieving this height we give more importance to quality over quantity and provide efficient and timely delivery.

Our Mission

We were established in 2012 and since then our aim is to gain the trust and belief in our products from the customers. We have been able to gain market value and trust due to the efficient and quality products and services we provide. By providing quality and efficiency in product and services we are able to provide the customers the best value for their money and better satisfaction.